Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Hotel Ferienhaus Fux Oberammergau welcomes NATO students in 2011

Wed like to say happy new year to all the NATO students coming in 2011 to Oberammergau. Its always a good trip, thats for sure. Coming to town, staying at the Hotel Ferienhaus Fux, spending the evenings in some of the nicest restaurants in the area. Just to name : the El Puente Mexican Bar and grill, -great food, lots of tun to hang out with, or the LA MONTANARA - italian cuisine. Youll love it.
And for the next couple of weeks, dont forget to bring your skies along, we should have plenty of snow on the tracks.
Just make sure to stay at the Fux - either room wise or apartment wise, youll always get the best deal in town.
See you soon
Michael and family
Hotel Ferienhaus Fux - Oberammergau